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Best Christmas Gift

Received mine for Christmas from my husband and wow let me tell you this SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device is just at the bees knees for my back pain. I dont think I moved off it all day the day I got it. It's unbelievable how good the massage and traction functions are. I am so excited to see how well it works over time.

Have been using consistently for 5 weeks now and am not able to reach my toes ( I used this as a determiner if this worked). My back has been stretched to its max and I am loving it. Very happy with my purchase.

A million times yes to this device, I have suffered long and hard after a car accident that damages by lower back. Ive spent years trying to find the right device for my needs and FINALLY have found it. I am so grateful that this has provided the kind of relief I needed as it was a bit expensive but SO SO worth it.

These are the knee devices that I use the most. I have had the meniscus partly removed in both knees and they are always sore. These support my recovery and reduce inflammation around the area.

Great knee device, provides good support all round and the material used is comfortable against the skin the vibrating function feels good.

Best purchase all year!

I've had two knee surgeries in the last 7 months, so I purchased with the intent to relive pain and Im really glad I spent the money on such a good product

Great product would highly recommended to anyone. I have a meninus tear in knee and am happy to say this reduces the pain as I walk.

This knee support has so far been used for a week and it
- provides the support
- the product is of good quality
- the price for the double knee pads is really reasonable.

It's the best back device on the market!

The electroshocks are amazing its like having a tiny massage therapist working into your muscles

I have used my knee device all week and it feels amazing, it targets exactly the right area and provides the right stimulation I needed. My old riding injury hasn't been painful all week thank you!

Since both my wife and I have painful issues with knees, I bought this hoping for the best. It's very hard to relieve knee pain because it's essentially a bony joint without a whole lot of soft massage areas. This fits over the knee like a helmet fits over your head, and it makes surprisingly good contact with the entire knee. It delivers heat which soothes any aching part of your body, vibration, compression, kneading red light therapy and even has a TENS pad for electrical stimulation. The controls are handled from buttons and a screen that sits on the top of the machine when it's mounted on unique, so there's no struggle and setting. Its therapies are strong enough to be felt pretty deep in the knee joint, but I haven't felt any pain from it while using it. It has various patterns of therapies programmed in, so I combine heat and massage, vibration and light therapy, TENS and heat, etc. It suggests that you use it for 15 minutes once or twice a day and I can really feel a reduction in the amount of pain I experienced during the day.

This is a great Knee Massager, my daughter has chronic knee pain and this does help to make the pain subside and gives her some relief. It is easy to use only has only one button and has many options. My daughter likes to use the Heat and Kneading. Great for knee pain relief.

I use mine daily, its so good!

I think it's been a great choice and well worth the money. I can see and feel the difference in my posture.

Brilliant device, even better customer service, Sarah is fantastic at explaining all the ins and outs of the products. Ended up buying both.

After 3 weeks I am certain this item is a game changer for anyone who suffers with headaches from poor posture.

After slipping my disc a year ago I have suffered with ongoing neck pains. I consulted my chiro who was a little hesitant but after using it for 2 weeks he has seen a difference in my neck posture and has reduced the pain in my neck.

I am so glad I stumbled on this on facebook, my husband has had terrible neck pain since I've known him over 15 years. He now uses this daily and says he has less headaches since.

Super easy to use, only 15mins at a time has given me a lot of relief and it gives a great stretch.

Very impressed by the heat and pulsations it's provided so much relief.

Obsessed! This has been the best device i've purchased for my neck since my injury.

Love it, I use it once a week at the end of a long working week. It's so great and the pads can be adjusted to anywhere you need